How to Preventing Lower Back Pain?

Low back pain or commonly known as lumbago is a particular musculoskeletal ailment that have had affected numerous individuals. It is deemed as the most usual cause of disability, a leading factor that incapacitate any individual to work and one of the most common neurological disorder next to head pains. A lower back pain can either be recurring and severe depending on cause and effect to people.Preventing Lower Back Pain

Usual causes of lower back pain implicate illness or injuries on muscles, nerves and bones. Malfunction of organs in the abdomen, chest or pelvis would also result to back pains or referred pain. Low back referred pains are mostly felt by people suffering from bladder and pelvic infections, reproductive organ ailments, kidney malfunction, appendicitis, aneurysms, etc.

There is no apparent evidence to prevent and cure lower back pain. Hence, there are measures that are known to prevent lower back pain and foster rapid healing. The universal aim in preventing lower back pain is for the person to continue his or her regular tasks or activities the soonest. As for those who claims’ stretching is one preventive measure, this activity may boosts strain and would result to a more painful back.

Low Back Pain Prevention

  • Rest with a pillow between your knees and lying on a certain side of the bed may boost comfort and ease lower back pain.
  • Several physicians highly recommend lying on your back with a pillow below your knees.
  • Ibuprofen drugs may lessen lower back pain temporarily. For those who have ibuprofen allergy, take time to consult your doctor as what medication is appropriate for you.
  • Cold and heat compress may lessen back pains temporarily.
  • Exercises cannot directly cure back pains and instantly improves agility, most especially those who have severe back disorders. Yet, some exercises are helpful for patients with chronic back pains as it enables them to perform normal activities and tasks.
  • Akin with ibuprofen, Acetaminophen as well can relieve back pains temporarily.
  • Medical experts proved that patients who are indulged with prolonged bed rest would also have longer healing period. Prolonged bed rest will boost depression, reduce muscles tone and develops blood clots on leg and back. Thus, to prevent lower back pains, one has to make sure that they should get up and be in motion regularly.
  • Consult your therapists on proper postures when carrying something, standing, sitting, etc. Improper postures would result to lower back pains.
  • People wearing high-heeled shoes are likely to experience low back pains. Try wearing low-heeled shoes for the moment to lessen the pain.
  • With strict and keen attention to medical prescriptions, signs and symptoms of lower back pain will normally improve several weeks from its commencement.
  • Patients should maintain a normal BMI or body weight to prevent back strain.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Eat calcium rich foods.
  • Food with phosphorus and vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, a bone disease with lower back pain symptom.
  • Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 can reduce lower back nerve pains.
  • Avoid stress in home, school or workplace.
  • Surgery is oftentimes the sole option to cure acute lower back pains.
  • Speculations say that acupuncture can cure back pains, however, this procedure is not medically proven.

Those people who does not yet have any signs and symptoms of lower back pain should take chance in preventing the painful disease. Exercise regularly, proper diet, and exact posture lessens your chances of acquiring low back pains.

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