Serta memory foam mattress review

Lets take a look at Serta memory foam mattresses:

Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam 3-Layer Mattress

Serta-12-Inch-Gel-Foam-3-Layer-Mattress-150x150This 12 inch Serta gel memory foam mattress is a 3 layer mattress which offers comfort to its users at a higher level. The construction of this mattress is the same as the 10 inch model only that a gel memory foam and textured foam was added to the product that features a more relaxed sleep. The added gel foam layer serves its user increased relief on the pressure points minimizing stress on the body and maximizing comfort. The textured foam layer provides additional airflow to counter the heat one may experience.

Customer reviews:

I don’t know why my loving husband desperately wants to have a memory foam mattress. I resisted on having one because of what I had experienced with my memory foam pillow that it gets hot to the point that I stop using it during summer. I fear if we buy a mattress, we might have the same problem. But when I was privileged to try this out, I gave it a chance. To my surprise, I think it was a solution.

Here’s the catch. The mattress came in a box with dimensions of 3 by 3 feet and 4 feet tall. It can be put on a platform or box spring. Considering its weight, 89 pounds, I had a hard time unpacking it and had to call for help. You have to put on the mattress on the right place before you unpack it if you don’t want to have trouble turning it around, it’s really heavy. I swear. Swiftly it regained its true form for a couple of hours, it does have smell but not that strong. Though the smell lasted for a couple of days.

Let me give some points to consider on this product, let me start with the positive side:

  • Heat. As what I have experienced with my memory foam pillow, it gets pretty hot. And I have just the perfect way to test the heat dispersion of this memory foam mattress. I placed my hot laptop on top of the mattress. Leaving it for 20 minutes and after that, I checked. The gel foam became hot but only on the place where the laptop’s heat comes out, then the heat dispersed rather quickly. Test passed.
  • Firmness. Two things to consider when talking about firmness of a memory foam mattress – the way it supports your body and the way it comforts your body. First, this mattress does not sag. It has just enough firmness to support my body. Then, I was amazed how the mattress delivers out the pressure on my arms. Yes I have positional sleep apnea. I have to use SONA FDA-Cleared Anti-snore and Mild Sleep Apnea pillow. Honestly, I never thought how this mattress would help me a lot regarding this matter.
  • Mattress cover. The mattress has its own cover already. Though it’s not washable, just spot cleanable.

The negative side:

Memory foam mattresses have the property to conform to your body’s shape. This may be problem to those who take turns while sleeping. On this foam, its takes time to get it back to shape and when you turn, it’s like going out of a dip.

  • Side of the bed. I wonder why this bed sinks when you sit on its side, it scrunches down. This might be an advantage to people who have limited mobility. Also, this affects the physical therapy exercises when you do have one, like it did to my husband because of this mattress’ giving in nature.
  • Odor. According to most memory foam mattress reviews, it does have smell. They say it’s safe, but lasted for a couple of days. If you have sensitive nose, I suggest you think about this.
  • I do love this mattress. But the impact it gave to my husband having him sleep on a recliner, I decided to place this on the guest room. I could not take to sleep at night without my husband. I just sleep on this for naps. It takes time to get used to this type of mattress. So I suggest try this out in stores first before buying so that you will know how will this mattress affects you.

Serta 10-Inch Gel Foam 3-Layer Mattress

Serta-10-Inch-Gel-Foam-3-Layer-Mattress-150x150This 10 inch gel memory foam mattress of Serta takes its user to another level of support and comfort. Experience a very relaxed sleep with this gel-memory foam 10 inch mattress that offers you a more balanced support and spinal alignment. It also enhanced air circulation on the mattress giving you just the right temperature your body needs for a good night sleep. Made up of 3 layer of foam: 7 inch premium base foam to provide firmness and support; 1.5 inch textured foam for more airflow and customization; and 1.5 inch of gel memory foam for comfort and support.

Customer reviews:

Serta 10 inch gel foam 3 layer mattress got me. I fell in love with it. I love how it flawlessly supports my body making me feel like lying on a bed of clouds. But as much as I love this mattress, my wife hates this. It’s no use having this mattress were my wife is not happy about it. A happy wife matters most. So I ended up moving this mattress on a spare room, though I managed to sleep on it for a number of days.

Some things I noticed:

  • I love the way how it harmonizes to my body – but it gave my wife back aches when she wakes up.
  • It still do have some heat, I guess it’s normal to memory foam mattresses. I feel it’s the same with other mattresses but my wife said it’s hotter than a normal mattress.
  • Support wise, the firmness is just right plus it gives me a softer feel.
  • It may not be accurate to give opinion about this for just testing it for few weeks, but this mattress seems to be made properly, just 25% heavier than traditional mattresses, approximately.
  • I suggest you let your kids see how the mattress expands. I think kids will be amazed seeing how a small stuff gets bigger and bigger.

To sum it up, I have to give this a 4 star rating – though it kills me, but since my wife doesn’t like it, it’s just right.